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The 2010 Best of Menu

Food Essay | Written by Nathan Mattise

It’s usually fun to do year-end lists, but here’s the one exception to the rule. All the Diners Without Frosted Tips Best-Of Menu does is make you hungry and upset that you can’t get this flavor daily. Alas, the world (or at least CNY) needs to know about these dishes for their own good. Continue reading


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Diner Critique: Classen Grill (Oklahoma City, OK)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Directions | Web site | Overall Rating: 4

Oklahoma City doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  Too many people take it solely on face value – vast flatlands, megachurches, whatever “Sooners” are. Underneath all that, OKC quietly hosts a hip culture on par with anything you’d find along either coast. The main aspects of that might be The Flaming Lips and/or Kevin Durant, but places like the Classen Grill will put midwest diner culture on your radar fast. Continue reading

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The 2009 Best Of Menu

Food Essay | Written by Nathan Mattise

This was the first year of Diners Without Frosted Tips, so like every other blog on the ‘net, it’s time to commemorate things with our year-end list.

Diner food is (and hopefully always will be) the central focus of this site  and our first year-end list is no exception.  Presenting the best of what we’ve eaten in 2009.

The only rules:

A) The meal has to be eaten at a diner/breakfast place.

B)  This list is acknowledged as limited and subjective due to a regional limitation on the diners/meals I’ve been able to experience and the subjective criteria through which the “value” of a meal is judged.

C)  The meal has to have been eaten in 2009 but the review/article does not necessarily need to have been written/published yet (thus ensuring this is a true best of list since I’m not totally caught up on my reviews/essays).

Without any further delay, the Diners Without Frosted Tips’ 2009 Best Of Menu… Continue reading

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