Diner Critique: Banana Curve Diner (South Waverly, Pa.)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Directions | Web site | Overall Rating: 4

Yep – it’s really called the Banana Curve.   However, the other exterior sign revealed a locale much more conservative than its name would lead you to believe.  Nevertheless, when you’re hungry and in the middle of nowhere to grab a new driver’s license photo, the local diner is your oasis. Thankfully food has no politics and the Banana Curve’s taste is worth lobbying for. Before even entering the Banana Curve Diner, the first sight you get is a Reagan quote about limited government hanging in the entry way.  That compliments related decor like the picture filled wall (with prominent Pail support) leading to the bathroom or the tri-folded flag next to the specials board.

The space itself is fantastic though. It’s gigantic – broken up into almost three separate dining sections where you can get any type of diner seating you’d desire (window seats, booths, countertop stools, long open tables, etc.). It’s accommodating to the point that apparently large political gatherings have been hosted there without any issue.

Service at the Banana Curve Diner was on point. I was able to get a meal to go with all the condiments and plastic silverware I’d like. The waitstaff didn’t even bother me when I sat at a booth to take pictures and wait.  Couple that with great hours (6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and then 11 p.m. on Fri/Sat) and low prices (check out the specials board), and you can begin to see why the place has a distinct group of regulars who’ll come in.

It was my first to-go diner order and that was a shame. I would’ve loved to sit down and enjoy the broc and cheese omelet special offered that day ($5.10 for the omelet, homefries and a coffee).  Even while eating at stop signs and red lights only, the omelet was incredibly flavorful (greasy but no condiments needy). The brocoli was cooked like perfectly boiled veggie and the cheese was just melty enough to walk that fine line between dressing and ingredient.

Overall, if you can look past the signs on the wall and go inside to experience the Banana Curve diner, you won’t be disappointed. The food is inexpensive yet hearty, the space is ideal and the service/specs have something for everyone. Even if you can’t agree with the politics… this diner merits ordering to go.

The Final Tab

Pros: Inexpensive, solid food, great space, good hours, great name

Cons: Uber-political decor could be a bit offputting

Overall: 4-homefries3

Four out of Five (Pancakes with sides | Some days you’ll seek



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2 responses to “Diner Critique: Banana Curve Diner (South Waverly, Pa.)

  1. Don

    Read your review i dine there almost every day and it s great to read the the signs and look at our countrys flag some one needing to get past that should find there way to a dinner in a third world country far away frm here
    your comments are fine we do have free speach in our country even if it came out the side of your mouth

  2. jill K

    I LOVED this find. Had breakfast there and the hash browns were so out of this world, that we’re making the 90 minute trip there again. This is a find!

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