Diners Without Frosted Tips has moved

Site Info Written by Nathan Mattise

Exhibit A: Foie Gras Ice Cream Sandwich, foie gras ice cream on Oh, Ginger Snap cookies.

That… isn’t found in Syracuse, N.Y.

For the better part of the last six years, I called Syracuse home. It lead me to start this endeavor in 2009 after wrapping up my undergrad years. The area provided fertile grounds for other cool food media like SyracuseDiners.com, ToTs coverage, the Dead Diner Project and Barcode Magazine. However, like even the best of meals, sadly it had to come to end.

(No, not this blog – my time based in Syracuse)

This morning I hit my first proper diner in my current home of San Francisco, Ca. (and their airport had one inside so the local total is two).  With that, Diners Without Frosted Tips officially moved too. No longer will my links focus primarily be on CNY, though I did save a few CNY diner reviews to post for posterity’s sake.  My  month of silence featured wrapping up loose ends with school/work, securing a new job, then working out the kinks for a west coast transition. Now that’s all behind me and it’s time to eat again. Review of St. Francis Fountain up soon, props to the Humphry Slocumbe ice cream folks in the meantime. I’m coming for Secret Breakfast sometime soon.




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4 responses to “Diners Without Frosted Tips has moved

  1. best of luck, nathan. it’s been great sharing food links with you in ‘cuse. enjoy your next chapter on the west coast!

    • Thank you for the kind words good sir, I hope all is still going well back east (I still keep up with stuff as best I can there… lamented missing all the craziness of the fair this year)

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