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Diner Week Critique: Rideau Inn B&B (…and Ottawa, ON)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

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I had never been to a Bed & Breakfast before but I certainly felt equally comfortable with both parts. Beds have been a staple of my (and every other mid-20s human being’s) life for years with increased importance during college. Breakfast has become an increasing passion through the Diners Without Frosted Tips project.  Together, this concept couldn’t lose.

What made the Rideau Inn B&B even better was it’s location – Ottawa, ON. It’s cool in its own right to spend a weekend in Canada (yet another new experience) but I stumbled on something better. Ottawa may not have been featured in any Man V. Food,  [Food] Paradise or the like yet, but it’s definitely a food town. One hell of food town at that. Continue reading


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