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The 2009 Best Of Menu

Food Essay | Written by Nathan Mattise

This was the first year of Diners Without Frosted Tips, so like every other blog on the ‘net, it’s time to commemorate things with our year-end list.

Diner food is (and hopefully always will be) the central focus of this site  and our first year-end list is no exception.  Presenting the best of what we’ve eaten in 2009.

The only rules:

A) The meal has to be eaten at a diner/breakfast place.

B)  This list is acknowledged as limited and subjective due to a regional limitation on the diners/meals I’ve been able to experience and the subjective criteria through which the “value” of a meal is judged.

C)  The meal has to have been eaten in 2009 but the review/article does not necessarily need to have been written/published yet (thus ensuring this is a true best of list since I’m not totally caught up on my reviews/essays).

Without any further delay, the Diners Without Frosted Tips’ 2009 Best Of Menu… Continue reading


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