About the founder:

Diners Without Frosted Tips is the culinary review and op-ed website of multimedia journalist Nathan Mattise. He eats locally over a chain every time, cooks big breakfasts and can’t say no to tea and late night fourth meal. He’s an avid watcher of Food Network and the Travel Channel and also reads several blogs about his favorite personalities (Bourdain, Flay, DeLaurantis, Richman) and shows (Man V. Food, No Reservations, Throwdown, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Food Paradise). He’ll quickly discuss Kitchen Confidential as an influential text.

To find out more about the author, you can look him up on most social networking sites, contact him through e-mail or visit NathanMattise.com.

About the site:

Diners Without Frosted Tips is an attempt to find the best diners in the U.S. (starting locally and branching out. Give us a bit, it’ll take some time). It comes from our love of everything about diners – the food, the ambiance, the camraderie among those who love them, the overall culture.

We’re not experts – just folks who had a lot of late night orders of Eggs Benedict and mornings where getting Monte Cristos was more important than an 8 a.m. class. Those experiences gave us some particular things to look for when finding diners we like and we want to hear others’ opinions on it while sharing our own. Plus, having a goal of trying as many different diners as we can is incredibly exciting to us 🙂

So it’s ambitious idea but in the meantime we’ll review as many diners as we can, hoping to give people a resource so they can know what they’re in for. If you’re interested in getting involved at any point (writing, taking pictures, suggesting diners, doing podcasts or videos, etc.) just contact us. It’s a communal effort and good diner conversation is hard to come by alone.

Oh, and the title? Well, let’s just say I love the idea of a certain diner-seeking entity but sometimes the face seems to get in the way of the food. It’s annoying.


One response to “About

  1. Kevin J. Dwyer


    I like your blog and your approach. Love diners whose waitresses call you “Hon.” As in “Top off that coffee for you, Hon?”
    Here’s 2 of my favs that are within my work day’s driving which might interest you:

    1. DEPOT CAFE, Adams Center, NY (Just off I81)
    Motif of railroad memorabilia (operating model train running around the entire room) next to CSX North Branch line. Local hangout, specials for breakfast/lunch, good food/ambiance. I’ve never been disappointed!

    2. MCGEE COUNTRY DINER, Waterloo, NY (Just off Exit 41, I90)

    BTW, Doc’s Little Gem in Syracuse is closed, is it not?

    Hope this is of interest.

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