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SyracuseDiners.com praise, Best of ‘Cuse 2010, Saranac Fall Offerings and National Coffee Day

Food Links | Compiled by Nathan Mattise

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Live coverage: Man V. Food in Syracuse

Review | Compiled by Nathan Mattise

Man V. Food in town is such an epic event, I had to resort to CoverItLive for instantaneous commentary. Check out my moment by moment thoughts (watch it again on your DVR with my written commentary, like a DVD extra) simply by clicking below.

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Is this the biggest food week in CNY history?

Food Essay and Links | Compiled by Nathan Mattise

In my other blogging escapades, I like taking a hard stand by creating comparative greatness arguments. I’m not as well-versed over time with Diner Without Frosted Tips’ subject (food happenings in CNY) as I am with others, but this week has me thinking:

Is this the biggest food week in CNY history?

Allow these links to speak for themselves:

  • Finally, less about national attention but more local-business oriented, SU students in the class of 2014 returned to campus this week. The class is bigger than ever (more opening weekend dinners with mom and dad before they leave) and also they are now directly exposed to Armory dining within their orientation.

I’m having a hard time thinking of a more active CNY food week during my six years in town. Anyone have other candidates?

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4th Grilling, Wes Johnson, Man V. Food (again) and the e-mail diet.

Food Links Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • Finally, I’ve recently heard of folks e-mailing their daily diet to others in order to lose weight through group psychology. Here’s a restaurant critic laying out his own diet for such public display.

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It’s been confirmed: “Man V. Food” was in ‘Cuse recently

Food Links Compiled by Nathan Mattise

…and I wasn’t. My brother is a senior in highschool and good ol’ Valley View in Archbald, Pa. graduated this Wednesday.  Nevertheless, largely in part to Twitter, news and documentation of Adam Richman’s visit was plentiful.

Twitpic user neidl32 found him at Heid’s of Liverpool.

SU Lacrosse player Dan Hardy let the world know he played some stick with Richman yesterday.

YNN viewer Nick Finlayson sent in his photo of Richman walking towards the Dino.

Finally, Richman himself found a way to get face time with Coach Boeheim… host your own national television show.

That means Richman has spent time at SU and then also Heid’s and the Dino. He usually hits at least three food locales, one with a challenge, and to the best of  my knowledge neither Heid’s or Dino BBQ offers a true food challenge. Here’s hoping Mother’s Cupboard is still in the running…

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