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Food gifts, pop culture food, Top Chef and George Orwell originals

Food Links | Compiled by Nathan Mattise
  • Just in time for the holidays, a few quick food gift suggestions including a bacon sandwich spread and this sweet french fry phone (if anyone’s hoping to donate a gift to this site’s cause, I’m just saying…).
  • The downer about the holidays this year are that it’s desert time for food TV (a.k.a. no Bourdain and Top Chef right now). To help you through the dead period, Travel Channel is running a Bourdain marathon tomorrow and here is some Top Chef reading (the new Voltaggio web site, a Dale recap and a Kevin interview).
  • Finally, just in time to bake for your holiday parties, here’s a Diners Without Frosted Tips-approved Christmas pudding recipe… from famous author George Orwell (?).

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