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Diner Critique: Carmella’s Kitchen (Tucson, AZ)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Directions | Web site | Overall Rating:  2

There seem to be two types of major travel experiences – tolerable and miserable. There are infinite factors helping to decide your trip’s fate. Flights can arrive on time, layovers can be productive (or at least short), your flights can be spent mostly sleeping (or at least reading without nausea), etc.

However, perhaps the most pivotal part of surviving a full day of travel is strategic eating. Eat something too heavy or too close to the flight and your stomach will suffer the consequence. Eat just a snack or some higher quality cuisine, and your wallet helps fund the airport.  The search for something filling but not crippling, averaged priced but not lacking in portion inevitably happens. So when in Tucson, enter Carmella’s Kitchen.  Continue reading


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