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Have you visited a great diner recently? Tell us about it!

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

You like eating at diners, too? Of course, who doesn’t?

If there’s a diner you find yourself smitten over (or I suppose disgusted by) and the world needs to know about it, here’s your chance. Diners Without Frosted Tips is opening up for user-generated reviews.

(Technically we always have been, I myself am a user, but now everyone should share).

After working on an Applied Research in Content Management consultation this past week, I’ve found a fair deal of numbers that support opening up to a user-generated formatĀ  in order to maximize the potential of a site. Between that and a few recent Tasty Tweet submissions (is that too lame? I just came up with that for user-Tweeted reviews), I just wanted to reiterate how Diners Without Frosted Tips is always open for submissions.

Two Ways to Contribute:

1) Simply take a gander at any of our reviews and apply that format to your recent diner experiences. Make sure you get a few pictures (the food, the exterior, the interior) and the vital stats (Is it pricey? What are the hours? Location, speciality meals, etc.), but the rest is up to you. It can be as long/short, creative/straight-forward as you’d like. E-mail it in afterward and we’ll read it over for spelling and grammatical errors.

2) Send in some diner thoughts via Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking means (including our comment sections!) and we’ll compile them in a routine post highlighting the best of user-generated short and sweet diner thoughts. Check out a few recent Tasty Tweets (still lame? I think it’s growing on me) below for examples:

The Eat N’ Park in Burbank, Ca. gets high praise and has it’s own catchy jingle.

The Starlite Diner & Lounge in Allentown, Pa. is in need of some web presence, send those thoughts in.

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