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Unemployed critics, very employed basketballers, Taste of Syracuse and Wendy’s grilling tips

Food Links Compiled by Nathan Mattise

In honor of National Donut Day

  • Finally, in honor of summer finally feeling like summer here in Syracuse… a crash course in grilling (courtesy of corporate Wendy’s in the 1980s).

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The Anonymous Legend of The CNY Diner Scene

Food Essay Written by Nathan Mattise

You’d think “Syracuse diner enthusiasts” would be a small enough niche community. You can find all of the major players within two-minutes of a Google search, right?

I thought the same thing until last week. I was meeting with a group of colleagues because we’re embarking on a TBA comprehensive project on area diners. In walked an elderly man dressed in a collared shirt and a sweater. After he spoke to us for nearly a half hour, he walked out of the room as the most knowledgeable authority on diners in CNY.

Meet the Diner Docent. Continue reading

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