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Diners Without Frosted Tips has moved

Site Info Written by Nathan Mattise

Exhibit A: Foie Gras Ice Cream Sandwich, foie gras ice cream on Oh, Ginger Snap cookies.

That… isn’t found in Syracuse, N.Y.

For the better part of the last six years, I called Syracuse home. It lead me to start this endeavor in 2009 after wrapping up my undergrad years. The area provided fertile grounds for other cool food media like, ToTs coverage, the Dead Diner Project and Barcode Magazine. However, like even the best of meals, sadly it had to come to end.

(No, not this blog – my time based in Syracuse)

This morning I hit my first proper diner in my current home of San Francisco, Ca. (and their airport had one inside so the local total is two).  With that, Diners Without Frosted Tips officially moved too. No longer will my links focus primarily be on CNY, though I did save a few CNY diner reviews to post for posterity’s sake.  My  month of silence featured wrapping up loose ends with school/work, securing a new job, then working out the kinks for a west coast transition. Now that’s all behind me and it’s time to eat again. Review of St. Francis Fountain up soon, props to the Humphry Slocumbe ice cream folks in the meantime. I’m coming for Secret Breakfast sometime soon.




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Another theme week… Mobile Food

Site Info Written by Nathan Mattise

All blogs love a good theme week.

Each year of our short existence we’ve done a Diner Week where there’s a daily featured review, spanning diners from across the country and culminating in a 5/5 review. Last year we showed our U.S. Futbol support with a week of diner reviews written in the form of patriotic songs. This time around things get a bit more practical.

It’s been about a year since I went to Europe for nine days and the local media is pushing something that reminds me of it every second. While I can get takeout at some diners, that’s nothing like having a true breakfast of mobile food.

This comes in a variety of forms: true street food, food trucks, grab-and-go counter places, etc. Each day we’ll revisit a mobile food experience from the past year and use the same scale as always with a few tweaks (ex: true mobility of the food) to put it in perspective. I’m not sure any of the locales can match the Boulangerie I had the pleasure of eating at in Giverny, France (below), but there’s only one way to find out.

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Introducing: Recipe Reviews

Site Info | Written  by Nathan Mattise

Did you know Diners Without Frosted Tips has a “recipes” category/tag?  Apparently we forgot about it too.

The heart of this site is promoting diner culture through news and first-hand reviews. It always will be.  At times, recipes don’t find a nice niche within that.  However, while we won’t become another recipe-driven blog, we’ve got a few unique ones to share.

Our idea? Recipe reviews.

Similar to the approach on diners, we want to experience a recipe then convey that for interested parties. There are less factors to consider when handling a recipe, but three rateable aspects (“1” being low, “5” being high) stick out:

Overall Ease – Do I need any techniques your average home cook can’t handle? Are there a lot of touch and go moments where you need a good feel for the kitchen before attempting? No matter how great the cook book picture looks, if the text next to it reads like a thesis rather than simple steps, the recipe is a pass.

Common Ingredients/Tools Needed – How many of the items being called for do you need to obtain specially for this recipe? The more effort to gather, the more hassle overall.

Idiot-Proof Flavor – You can’t judge the overall taste of a recipe since this is such a vast spectrum of human error impacting its outcome. However, you can judge how hard it is to screw up the recipe despite your level of cooking prowess.

Look for a fresh batch of recipe reviews coming soon.  In the meantime, make your way to your favorite Sunday diner to stretch your stomach for the evening’s festivities.

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The Second (We Can Call It Annual, Right?) Diner Week

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

The holidays may have slowed things like workout routines, travel and general productivity, but consistent diner eating has carried on strongly.

‘Tis the season for the second annual Diners Without Frosted Tips Diner Week.

Starting today, Monday, December 27, you’ll find five consecutive days of diner critiques. Diner Week  highlights some of the best diners I’ve experienced thus far, culminating in a unique review on Friday (and the year-end Best of Menu soon after).  ‘Til then, tell us your favorite home dishes below, submit your own diner critique proposals (as long as you utilize our ratings system / take pics) and get hungry for some new diners to seek out.

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Our national holiday, but no rest for the food-inclined.

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

It’s one of the few events I have a chance to cover annually, and I’ve already started focusing over on Twitter. Happy Fourth of July to all but, more importantly, get ready for the 2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest!

Check out the live blog over at In Pursuit of the Trivial. Then afterwards switch back the focus to our national pride, fireworks and an open grill…

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The First (not annual but maybe every four years?) Songs of the World Cup Critique Week

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

If you don’t know, I’m addicted to the World Cup. It’s been a problem since ’98, in ’02 I kept B’Ville Diner hours to watch and let’s not talk about ’06.

In order to celebrate the U.S. effort this past weekend and give the squad the support it needs going forward, Diners Without Frosted Tips needed a gimmicky World Cup thing for the week. (Sure, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been sitting on a few diners I’ve visited and haven’t blogged about yet either).

Enter the “Songs of the World Cup Critique Week.”

The premise is simple. I spent this past Saturday at Nevada Smith’s in NYC, a bonafide soccer pub. Even millions miles away from the stadium, true U.S. supporters were singing and chanting like good soccer fans should. This blog will then operate like a good soccer fan by promoting patriotic songs that’ll double as quick diner reviews. Check it out later today for how it’ll play out. Maybe it’ll be cheesy, possibly confusing even… but it’ll certainly be filled with American pride.

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Cooking up some new diners with an Easy-Bake Oven (sort of…)

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

January is almost over and no new diner critiques on Diners Without Frosted Tips (at least ones personally written by me)?


Don’t sweat it. I’ve been continually eating at some ol’ favorites but did manage to find plenty of new diners over the course of this holiday season. There are as many as nine diners waiting for me to sit down and add them to the index in fact.

So the time has come to make it happen. Next week will be a special Travel Diner week featuring some recently visited diners from places beyond (but also including) CNY.  Stay tuned to see where the road and an appetite can lead you.

To hold everyone over until then, enjoy another bit of holiday flavor. This was a culinary adventure that happened back in NEPA when Santa brought a very good little girl the “Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery (f/ Ace of Cakes).”

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