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A week’s worth of food spawning a week’s worth of links

Food Links | Compiled by Nathan Mattise

Today’s trivial links courtesy of my last week of eating…

  • While in NYC, I also found my way to a small Astoria place called The Kebab Cafe. Hardcore Bourdain fans may remember it because of Ali and co.’s quick spot on No Reservations. It’s expensive but a well-worth it experience. Ali personally delivers and introduce his hand-selected menu of authentic Egyptian cuisine… which may often include parts most don’t eat regularly (testicle, sweetbread, tongue, liver, etc.). Not exactly a hot spot for vegetarians, though NPR recently said bacon could be their gateway so to speak.
  • Finally, a few days earlier I provided some videography work for the March of Dimes Signature Chefs event here in CNY. That good deed got me access to all the good feed (? sorry).  The list of restaurants represented was a who’s who of the area’s highend cuisine. A few of the better dishes from the night are in the brief slideshow below.

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