Recipe Review: Bacon Infused Whiskey for Bacon Old Fashioneds from PDT & NY Mag

Recipe Review | Prepared, written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Original recipe from PDT (and NY Mag)Overall Rating: 4

Denny’s will tell you, every single culinary element in existence can be improved by adding bacon.  Liquor is no different with some companies specifically producing such items. If you don’t have a distributor offering such gems near you, there is hope and a simple recipe to follow.

Overall Ease: 4

The hardest part of this is making the cocktail (which, any novice bartender will admit, can be improved with practice).  Infusing the whiskey simply takes time but no unusual skills: cook the bacon (even poorly), save the fat, combine with whiskey, let it settle, strain away the fat.  Frankly the infusion is hard to mess up unless you drastically change the ratio of bacon fat to whiskey.  The cocktail even comes with specific instructions that leave you with a very serviceable base you can then alter to your specific tasting needs.

Common Ingredients/Tools Needed: 4

If you have bacon and whiskey in the house, you’re ingredients are taken care of. The infusion process will be significantly easier if you have access to a funnel, a strainer and some air-tight containers for 750mL (mason jar worked fine).

The cocktail again requires a little more. I opted for pure maple since it’s abundant in CNY. Bitters aren’t an every household item so it may require a special grocery trip (found it in a Wegmans, not a liquor store). All of the specialty tools (stirrer, glassware, etc.) are helpful but you can navigate it without.  Simply substitute a travel coffee mug, pour ingredients in, shake while covering the mouthpiece and then pour into your cocktail glass of choice.

Idiot-Proof Flavor: 4

First, you have to like whiskey. Second, you need to be OK with bacon flavor. It won’t be an overpowering sensation but certainly there is a slight aroma and the smokiness comes through clearly. The use of bitters and maple will certainly sweeten things up if you’re indifferent to the two star ingredients, but ultimately like any mixed drink, it might not be for everyone.

That said, if you’re OK with whiskey and bacon… this is delightful and becomes a regular occurrence until the whiskey bacon runs out.  Try a batch of your own to see for yourself.


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