Another theme week… Mobile Food

Site Info Written by Nathan Mattise

All blogs love a good theme week.

Each year of our short existence we’ve done a Diner Week where there’s a daily featured review, spanning diners from across the country and culminating in a 5/5 review. Last year we showed our U.S. Futbol support with a week of diner reviews written in the form of patriotic songs. This time around things get a bit more practical.

It’s been about a year since I went to Europe for nine days and the local media is pushing something that reminds me of it every second. While I can get takeout at some diners, that’s nothing like having a true breakfast of mobile food.

This comes in a variety of forms: true street food, food trucks, grab-and-go counter places, etc. Each day we’ll revisit a mobile food experience from the past year and use the same scale as always with a few tweaks (ex: true mobility of the food) to put it in perspective. I’m not sure any of the locales can match the Boulangerie I had the pleasure of eating at in Giverny, France (below), but there’s only one way to find out.


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