Recipe Review: Captain Crunch cookies from Miss In The Kitchen

Recipe Review | Prepared, written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Original recipe from Miss In The KitchenOverall Rating: 3

Before getting all worked up about how “weird” this is, take a moment to think it through. Cookies are delicious sugary treat that famously work for the occasional breakfast. Captain Crunch is a breakfast that’s so sugary it should probably be used sparingly as a dessert. It’s a match made in sweet-tooth heaven… for a few days at least.

Overall Ease: 4

Cookies in general are an easy make. Take some ingredients, mix them in a bowl, scoop onto a greased pan, bake. Almost every cookie I’ve encountered works through some derivative of that approach and the Captain Crunch variety are no different. The only issues I had were hard brown sugar (who knew it needed to be stored in a specific manner?) and initially kneading the Crunch pieces into the dough. You want to avoid breaking them and instead think of a piece like an individual chocolate chip.

Common Ingredients/Tools Needed: 4

The basic ingredients are fairly common: flour, butter, brown sugar, baking soda, an egg. The only two potential causes for a grocery run are the Captain Crunch and vanilla extract. Wheat flour is a good substitute here as well (reminder: 1/3 of the flour amount wheat, 2/3 regular), especially to balance out the inevitable sugar rush from brown sugar + vanilla extract + Captain.

Idiot-Proof Flavor: 3

These cookies are odd. I’m not sure how else to describe them. Texture dominates the conversation and I haven’t discovered a trick to that after one try.

Right out of the oven, when most cookies are at their appeal apex, these can trip you up. The Crunch pieces will soften and get almost chewy. Following the normal cooling process, you reach the perfect eating window when the cookie is still light/moist and the Crunch bits regain their original consistency.  However, if they last for more than a day or two, the Crunch bits revert back to being chewier and the appeal is lost all over again. It’s what happens if you leave a cereal box open for days on end, the pieces simply lose their freshness.

The overall flavor never wanes from these cookies (c’mon, Crunch with vanilla is delectable), but texture plays a large part in any cookie experience and it’s not for everyone here. The ease of the process and the ingredients list makes it worth a try, but the Captain Crunch cookies won’t find their way into everyone’s normal snack rotation.


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