Recipe Review: Buffalo Chicken Dip via Frank’s Red Hot

Recipe Review | Prepared, written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Original recipe from Frank’s Red HotOverall Rating: 5

Frank’s Red Hot is a Central/Western New York institution. Tabasco may have its stronghold on other areas but not in this neighborhood. Keeping that in mind, I’m not sure there’s a more praised application of the sauce than with this (affectionately called) Buff Chix Dip.  It’s a hit at everything from classy contemporary adult parties to college ragers where it gets eaten both hot and cold. That versatility (and its incredible ease to create) make it a must for any novice cooks out there.

Overall Ease: 5

There are few recipes easier than Frank’s Buff Chix Dip:

Take ingredients. Place together in bowl. Mix. Bake in the oven.

Seriously, that’s it. If you don’t use your own grilled chicken and opt for shredded or cubed cheese, there is no individual ingredient preparation. The only recipe that may be as easy are scoop and bake cookies… and those you run the risk of burning.

Common Ingredients/Tools Needed: 4

Most of the ingredients are fairly common in any (even a collegiate) refrigerator. The basis for it is simply cream cheese, real cheese, blue cheese (or ranch if that’s your thing, odd) and hot sauce (Frank’s Hot Wing variety is a nice substitution). The trickiest addition is the chicken. Some health conscious folks will say you should grill or bake your own chicken then shred it. Ultimately with all the other flavors being added to this dip, I dare anyone to distinguish that from a simple 12.5 oz can of chicken. It may mean a purpose trip to the grocery for most, but it saves you time and effort in the execution.

Idiot-Proof Flavor: 5

I’m not sure this recipe can be screwed up. If you don’t mix enough before you bake, you can do it afterwards. Ranch is a tolerable substitution. You can combine flavors of cheese if you don’t have enough of any single type. Even Tabasco can be used in a pinch if you’re out of Frank’s and every grocery in the area is shut down. The lone risk would be over cooking the dip itself to the point where items baked to the pan. Even then… I could totally envision this as a crispier topping to make some weird alternative bruschetta.

Overall, this is can’t miss unless you have vegetarians or folks who hate Buffalo flavor. Even then, make this for your Oscars party and just get a bag of baby carrots on the side.


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