Introducing: Recipe Reviews

Site Info | Written  by Nathan Mattise

Did you know Diners Without Frosted Tips has a “recipes” category/tag?  Apparently we forgot about it too.

The heart of this site is promoting diner culture through news and first-hand reviews. It always will be.  At times, recipes don’t find a nice niche within that.  However, while we won’t become another recipe-driven blog, we’ve got a few unique ones to share.

Our idea? Recipe reviews.

Similar to the approach on diners, we want to experience a recipe then convey that for interested parties. There are less factors to consider when handling a recipe, but three rateable aspects (“1” being low, “5” being high) stick out:

Overall Ease – Do I need any techniques your average home cook can’t handle? Are there a lot of touch and go moments where you need a good feel for the kitchen before attempting? No matter how great the cook book picture looks, if the text next to it reads like a thesis rather than simple steps, the recipe is a pass.

Common Ingredients/Tools Needed – How many of the items being called for do you need to obtain specially for this recipe? The more effort to gather, the more hassle overall.

Idiot-Proof Flavor – You can’t judge the overall taste of a recipe since this is such a vast spectrum of human error impacting its outcome. However, you can judge how hard it is to screw up the recipe despite your level of cooking prowess.

Look for a fresh batch of recipe reviews coming soon.  In the meantime, make your way to your favorite Sunday diner to stretch your stomach for the evening’s festivities.


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