Diner Week Critique: Sebastianelli’s (Eynon, Pa.)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

DirectionsWeb siteOverall Rating: 3

You’d probably never stop at Sebastianelli’s for breakfast if you’re from outside NEPA.  It’s a large ranch style building covered in brick with words like “steaks” and “seafood” lining the top.  It looks like an upper-end restaurant for the area complete with a fish market, not your ideal place for bacon and eggs. Like everything in NEPA though, it’s a bit quirky and you need a local to clue you in.

Well, Sebastianelli’s is no longer associated with a fish market. It’s nice but certainly not upscale and I’d argue it’s become more Sunday morning family breakfast haven than evening restaurant during my lifetime. It’s a staple in Mattise family holiday visits and the most recent trip was no exception.

As opposed to other local options, Sebastianelli’s is  a restaurant that serves breakfast rather than a traditional diner. The building itself is gigantic with a main room containing countertop seating, a buffet and booths, then two additional dining areas that split off on each side (filled with at least 10 tables each). The main room can certainly feel like a classic diner if you go early enough and the other rooms are closed off. The decor goes with the seafood focus so you can see some old seaman, marlins, mermaids and the like strung across the walls (especially in the outer dining spaces). It’s clean and open overall so you never have to worry about finding a seat or personal sanitation.

Decor isn’t the reason why folks choose Sebastianelli’s though. Any Google search for the place will find user-generated reviews praising the freshness of ingredients, the Wednesday night seafood buffet, etc. Breakfast is no different in this regard. Sebastianelli’s menu for this may be slightly limited (you can get all the basics, not much beyond that) but it delivers the goods on breakfast classics.  The best deal is their version of the Grandslam – breakfast meats, toast, eggs your way, homefries for all under $5 (and rumored to be 2-for-1 during the week).

I opted for the Monte Cristo on the last visit.  Theirs includes Texas-sized toast to increase the sweet end of the dish and de-emphasize it as a standard sandwich.  It’s as filling as it looks and manges to stay reasonable (with homefries for under $7).

Service at Sebastianelli’s is friendly and accomodating, their hours are standard fare (breakfast is served only until a certain point in the day) and the food is fresh and filling. They may not offer anything off-the-wall and they don’t cater to the greasy spoon purist, but the breakfast is good and the experience is always positive… even if you’re unsure a family breakfast will be.

The Final Tab

Pros: Large space with friendly service, hearty meal portions

Cons:  Limited menu, prices slightly hire than other local diners



Three Out Of Five (Basic combo | It’s OK – try it.)


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