, Eggs in Heat, Bourdain needs a contributor and Tasty (Travel) Tweets

Food Links Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • Not that the heatwave in CNY seems to have passed, can we all agree this was awesome.
  • Anthony Bourdain has a new book coming out. The exciting news is that someone will be a featured contributor to it (Note: I apologize in advance. If I pen a piece I’m proud of, it will be self-promoted like crazy for votes).
  • Finally, I’ve had some great travel recently between San Diego, Georgia and NYC. Despite a girlfriend who insisted on a no-camera clause during our meals, I managed to squeeze out a few Tasty Tweets that can cover these places:

Few quick notes on The Lady and Sons: this place has a buzz about it. I was so excited I had multiple misspellings in my tweet even (Deen*, restaurant*). You need to go as soon as the place opens to guarantee a seat, you get free Deen-esque starters like cheesy biscuits and something that equates to a fried butter pancake. I was also told by a well-traveled professional it was the best steak he’s ever eaten.

I think it’s hard to find a good, appetizing rendition of hash. Malibu hit the spot however, especially on the night after a 21st celebration. Interior reminds you of a cheesy local place really trying to hard for fancy, prices are on par for NYC.

This was a gem in Astoria. Tasty’s prices were lower than most, the menu was diverse (even has a healthy options section), the interior is legitimately pleasing (brick, clean) and any place that offers hamsteak for breakfast is worth a return trip. Wish I had more time to try and sample all the various nationality breakfast options they were advertising.


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