The First (not annual but maybe every four years?) Songs of the World Cup Critique Week

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

If you don’t know, I’m addicted to the World Cup. It’s been a problem since ’98, in ’02 I kept B’Ville Diner hours to watch and let’s not talk about ’06.

In order to celebrate the U.S. effort this past weekend and give the squad the support it needs going forward, Diners Without Frosted Tips needed a gimmicky World Cup thing for the week. (Sure, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been sitting on a few diners I’ve visited and haven’t blogged about yet either).

Enter the “Songs of the World Cup Critique Week.”

The premise is simple. I spent this past Saturday at Nevada Smith’s in NYC, a bonafide soccer pub. Even millions miles away from the stadium, true U.S. supporters were singing and chanting like good soccer fans should. This blog will then operate like a good soccer fan by promoting patriotic songs that’ll double as quick diner reviews. Check it out later today for how it’ll play out. Maybe it’ll be cheesy, possibly confusing even… but it’ll certainly be filled with American pride.


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