Diner Critique: Sheraton Room Service (Syracuse, N.Y.)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

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Nope – you didn’t click on Hotels.com or some other peer-review hotel/motel site. That is the Sheraton Hotel complex right on the Syracuse University campus however.  I spent a night there recently through an unfortunate stroke of luck (oxymoron alert).  If you get to spend a night in a hotel for free, might as well shell out to try room service for the first time, right?

It’s still a thrill for me to order room service breakfast, but the product this time around wasn’t as strong as the overall hotel experience.

I need to clarify for emphasis: the Syracuse Sheraton is awesome. It was the most comfortable bed I slept on in years. The rooms are clean and furnished with flatscreen TVs. There is free WiFi, pool access, coffee and a 24/7 gym. In addition, there’s a hotel bar and restaurant that gets highly touted from locals (from the college kid aspect – that’s largely due to free pizza and wing happy hours on Fridays).

I brag as much about the quality of the room service though. Ordering itself is very convenient with cash or credit options and a door hanger menu that you simply fill out before a certain time each evening for service the next morning. I opted for a two-item omelet (tomato and cheese) with a side of potato, bacon and fresh orange juice.  The total was certainly a bit pricey (climbing close to $20) but the novelty of breakfast in bed / room service was too tempting to pass on due to price.

The service (to the door, quiet and polite especially considering I ordered it for 6 a.m.) and presentation were some of the experience’s high points. The food itself wasn’t all as gloomy as this review makes it out to be. The potatoes were actually quite flavorful as were the tomatoes I grabbed after the omelet was thorough dissected.

It’s just that most things weren’t as lavish as I imagined they’d be.  The omelet eggs were dry and close to flavorless. Mushroom seemed to sneak its way into the omelet equation as well. Bacon followed suit on the dryness and there was a coating of grease on everything to the point your fingertips would shine in the dimmest of hotel lighting.

I can see how the cinematic ideal of room service can live up to the hype in many ways. It’s cool to have breakfast brought to your bed literally on a platter. It’s incredibly convenient to roll out of bed and wake up to a meal you laid out the night before. This time around the only issue simply happened to be the most important detail.

The Final Tab

Pros: High novelty factor to ordering room service, service was great, locale ambiance overall is high quality

Cons: Very expensive, poor quality meal in too many areas



Two out of Five (Just Eggs | Could’ve been better…)


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