Diner Critique: Starlite Diner & Lounge (Allentown, Pa.)

Review | Written and photographed by Justin Z. (@JMoneyFly)

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Recently I was down in Allentown, PA for some training for work and obviously I wanted to sample some of the local restaurants while down there. (Honestly, who even likes chain restaurants anymore?)  On my adventures around town I stumbled upon the Starlite Diner & Lounge.  The first thing you’ll notice about the diner is its retro look, complete with bright pink and green neon lights covering the outside and more than enough chrome for one building.  The building itself is quite large (you could probably fit about 5 traditional diner cars inside) and was complete with a party room and lounge.  Up until now, I’ve never seen a diner with a bar… but there’s a first time for everything.

The inside was typical diner-esque décor.  The bright neon lights made their way inside and the booths, tables and chairs had a nice bland pink and green color scheme.  There was a nice long bar with stools across the entire building and, one of my favorite parts of a diner, the dessert case was full of everything delicious you could expect to be there.  My only complaint was I was seated at a two person booth with an awkward plant leaning into the opposite seat that I know no one would be too comfortable sitting in.

The menu was pretty extensive – offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner with most of the staple diner foods but offering a few unique items as well.  The food wasn’t too pricey for me, but there were a few items that pushed the limits. I know a few people would shy away from them solely based on that factor.  I opted for breakfast since that’s just what I feel you should order at diner’s, and went with the roasted red pepper and feta omelet ($6.95).  The eggs were fantastic, it’s a combination I’ve had before and I was still interested and pleased by it.  The breakfast potatoes were also wonderful, cooked perfectly with delicious flavor.  My only complaint was with the coffee. It was very watered down and bland tasting, which upset me since I’m a huge fan of diner coffee.

If you find yourself in Allentown, I recommend stopping by the Starlite Diner (might be a good after concert stop, it is open 24 hours). Hopefully you won’t get shafted in a booth with a plant, and it’s up to you whether to brave the coffee or order some juice.  All in all,  it’s definitely worth checking out. I know I’ll stop there again if I’m ever in town.


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