Diner Critique: The Diner at Tannersville (Tannersville, Pa.)

Review | Written and photographed by Nathan Mattise

Directions | Web site | Overall Rating: 1

No matter what your genre, the art of criticism is difficult. It’s simply easier to be negative and people seem to want to consume that opinion. I was taught an entirely different approach based on always going into an endeavor looking to enjoy. If that didn’t happen, then it’s time to criticize.

I’ve never had to give out a “1” for any of my diner critiques, but the Diner at Tannersville proved there’s always a first.

The positives about this place? For starters, it’s conveniently located right off Route-80 (and it’s the only local eatery advertised at that exit). The aesthetic value is also moderate to high. Outside it’s as pure of a truckstop as you can eat at (including the mechanic next door).  Insider the decor is retro chic. There are wooden signs you might find in your grandmother’s kitchen back in ’91, a wallpaper pattern reminiscent from a Mom & Pop gift shop and plenty of counterspace.

Other than that, it starts getting rough. Service is OK in terms of checking in, but the silverware was noticeably dirty and my colleague had to ask for jam, ketchup and brown sugar (eww, oatmeal order). None were available at the table or originally brought out with the food. The only thing prepped for you at the tables is some literature for Bee Caps.

The food was average overall. The menu is limited and prices were slightly above average ($7-$10 for most items). The bacon and cheese omelet I had was serviceable,  but unfortunately it was part of a combo.

Now homefries are perhaps my favorite diner item. They alone can make a diner in my mind. The homefries at the Diner at Tannersville were one of the most uniquely offbase interpretations I’ve seen. They are thin cut like natural potato chips, but then they aren’t fried/grilled nearly enough. There’s no crisp. The result is a thin, shapeless homefry that has a raw taste to it.  Can’t be a good thing when your combos lose value with homefries.

The Diner at Tannersville is one of the lone local venues to eat at along Route-80 between Stroudsburg and Scranton (on its specific exit, it is the only one). It’s not often I condone this, but it’s worth considering your fast food options when passing through. There is never a bad time for a Frosty after all.

The Final Tab

Pros: Ambiance, location

Cons:  Above average prices, limited menu, poor homefries, cleanliness (not in a charming way), unprepared tables



One Out Of Five (Empty Plate | Skip it.)



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2 responses to “Diner Critique: The Diner at Tannersville (Tannersville, Pa.)

  1. aron

    I AGREE!!! This place was terrible!!!! Food was cold it was awfull. Avoid!!

  2. poder

    I thought the food was great. must have hit it on a good day. the service was lacking tho. I would go again for sure.

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