A Flay recap, spitty beer, creative control and another create-a-flavor contest

Food Links | Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • So Bobby Flay did an outdoor cooking demo at the NY State Fair last week… very unique experience. Flay himself was an absolute showman. He encouraged audience interaction (either just shouting out and he responded, or formal questions mostly asked by little children) and was quick with one-liners throughout.  The unique part was how captivated the audience was. They roared when NY ingredients were used, nodded in agreement when Flay gave a bit of cooking advice and swooned over every scent and visual presented. It wasn’t as if anyone was close to Flay’s kitchen (he was up on a stage like a concert). It caught me off guard that so many people would be engaged by a relatively passive activity they were largely removed from.  That’s an absolute testament to the lure of Flay.
  • … but I doubt she would sell me on this spit beer.
  • Finally, who doesn’t love new flavor contests? The newest one comes from Vitamin Water who challenges consumers to develop the next bottle label.

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