The First (Annual?) Diner Week.

Site Info | Written by Nathan Mattise

You may be asking yourself, “Why are the two posts below just Food Links?  Has Nate eaten at a diner in the past month? Where are all the reviews?”

All valid concerns. Rest assured that I have been finding new culinary adventures throughout June. In fact,  I experienced so many quality diners recently that…

Diners Without Frosted Tips announces The First (Annual?) Diner Week.

Check back Monday, June 29 (effectively the first week of July) for the beginning of five diner critiques in five days. Diner Week will highlight some of the best diners I’ve experienced thus far, culiminating in a surprise review next Friday.  ‘Til then, enjoy the food news below, submit your own diner critique proposals (as long as you utilize our ratings system / take pics) and get hungry for some new diners to seek out.


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