Ra Ra Riot, Top Chef Masters, Coffee and Musical Food Ads

Food Links | Compiled by Nathan Mattise

  • If our index isn’t hint enough, headquarters for this blog is Central New York. Our current chosen sons & daughters of culture, Ra Ra Riot, recently sat down with the Young and the Hungry (this cool new NYC food/music blog) to discuss their culinary habits on the road (well, at least the violinist did).
  • The next season of Top Chef begins in June and it’ll be…a competition between today’s master chefs.
  • Before signing up for any of those spring 5ks, make sure you are aware of your local coffee establishments. Research shows they may offer a boost.
  • Finally, since I can’t get one of these out of my head, I wanted to pose the question. Which fast food jingle is superior?

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One response to “Ra Ra Riot, Top Chef Masters, Coffee and Musical Food Ads

  1. Nate,
    Upon listening to the two Mickey D’s jingles, I gotta say that the fish jingle just doesn’t have as much staying power and the pseudo R&B song. While the fishy song does fulfill the most important jingle criterion: namely that it is annoying, yet catchy, it fails to stay with me as long as the 2nd song. The R&B song certainly has higher production values and presents itself as a parody of music videos. However, it’s true advantage lies in two things: it is simply easier to hear and the song doesn’t sound half bad (it really does seem like a real song). And frankly, the fish one has a nasty (and obvious) Big Mouth Billy Bass overtone and I really hate that damn fish. So all in all, I give my vote to the McNugget sex video and not simply because I wish the guy was singing to me…

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